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Boost customer satisfaction with better training

Side view of chairs, computers and headset in a modern office or training centerMuch of modern business is focused on providing people with the best customer satisfaction possible. For call centres, there are numerous ways to boost efficiency and enjoy a rise in consumer care quality. One method is improving training, enabling telephone answering services agents to carry out their roles with more care and diligence.

For trainers that want to overhaul their process, it might be wise to incorporate “power hours” into all agents’ weekly schedules. These act to continuously remind people of best practice, answer any questions and correct any potentially harmful habits before they have a negative effect. This continuous feedback also helps to create a positive culture for call centres, facilitating collaboration and self-motivation.

It is also important to recognise that the training should be focused on developing team leaders rather than team managers. In management, schedules, processes and targets are the main focus. However, leadership takes changes in behaviour, with the best individuals capable of supporting their team and getting great results. Leadership sessions should include educating people on leadership styles, reputation, behaviours and decisions.

Finally, training agents to use multiple interaction approaches is essential in an age where the omnichannel has become a necessity. This trend has made is easier for many people to see that every customer needs a slightly different approach, and this is true even within the same channel. Therefore, workers should be shown how to adapt an interaction to suit their customer if the best satisfaction scores are to be achieved.

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