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Boost customer loyalty with emotional connections

Part of a call centre agent’s job is to build rapport with customers. By doing so, the relationship with clients can be deepened, helping to improve loyalty and positive branding. To help telephone answering services make emotional connections with consumers, there are some important tips to follow.

First, although it’s not right for every occasion, referring to consumers by name can work well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that first names should be used, but using people’s names can help them feel they are being listened to. This latter point is particularly important as it helps callers feel respected. According to Myra Golden, the first six seconds of a call are crucial, and by establishing rapport earlier, a more successful outcome is likely.

Call centre agents also need to be taught that their style, language and tone are critical. Expert Nick Drake-Knight explains that agents could imply the wrong message through the tone of their voice. “In call centre operations, it is vital that tonality matches – that is, is congruent with – the message contained within a script. We’ve all experienced the call centre operative who delivers his scripted phrase for the umpteenth time in an unenthusiastic tonal style that contradicts the scripted message offering excellence of service,” he says.

Finally, valuing each and every caller is necessary so a relationship can grow. This helps people feel they are being talked to as an individual, not as one person in a long line of traffic.

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