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Boost customer experience with automation and data changes

on the phone23Improving customer experience is essential for all modern call centres. However, not all changes have to occur on the front line. Behind all great consumer care are other procedural optimisations that allow telephone answering services to prosper. These include a level of automation and a change in the way data is used. Businesses that get this right can thrive.

To ensure that agents are able to concentrate on customer services, it is vital that backroom administrative tasks are done quickly and efficiently. For example, a 2015 National Digital Report discovered that the annual cost of re-keying data was more than £35,000 for Britain’s local authorities. By reducing the amount of manual data input and increasing the use of automation, call centres can save money and have more capital to invest in areas such as consumer care.

Meanwhile, it is also important to move data where a company actually needs it. Modern businesses should be able to route service requests towards back office divisions, track service-level agreements against services, and deliver accurate updates back to frontline agents and clients. It is pointless to have backroom data available if it cannot actually be used, so collaboration between departments is important.

To help manage data, firms need to build their technological architecture with solutions that are easy to use, adaptable, and intuitive. Companies that do this will put themselves in the best position to make the most of the market’s evolution, optimise their work processes, and boost the customer experience.

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