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Boost consumer care with vulnerable customer scheme

One of the most important ideas when it comes to customer services is that firms should not just meet consumer expectations; they should aim to exceed them. This is why many call centres are looking for innovative ideas to help them connect with callers on an emotional level. For telephone answering services that want to go above and beyond, setting up a vulnerable customer programme is worthwhile.

A vulnerable customer scheme is used to identify people who are facing difficult times, whether it is with their health, finances or another reason. When call agents believe a contact falls into this category, they can speak with a “Customer First” manager and take special measures. Potentially vulnerable consumers can also be identified using speech analytics, with software picking up language relating to living and health conditions.

One example of such a scheme in action can be seen with energy firm Homeserve. In this case, a call centre agent named Omar spoke with an elderly gentleman suffering from cancer whose boiler had broken down. His repair policy only provided £200, and if he could not fix the boiler, he would have to move into a care home. By utilising their vulnerable care scheme, Homeserve was able to cover the expenses through their hardship fund.

Not every firm will interact with vulnerable people, but many consumers are struggling with finances or enduring health problems. By looking out for these people, call centres can develop a programme to help the needy and surpass consumer expectations.

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