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Boost call centre performance by souping up FCR

business strategy as conceptWhile first call resolution (FCR) can be difficult to measure, it is potentially a very effective way of boosting call centre performance. FCR involves agents doing all they can to address the customers needs they first time they call to ensure they do not have to contact the call centre a second time regarding the the same issue.

Telephone answering services can benefit from taking FCR one step further by seeking to resolve potential future problems at the same time, which can drastically reduce the number of repeat calls.

One of the best ways for call centres to achieve this is by training their agents to think ahead; as well as solving the immediate problem, agents should be able to provide additional information that could help customers at a later date. In addition, it is important that agents know the difference between a resolution and a transaction; encourage agents to take ownership of customers’ issues and ensure they are resolved.

Another important factor in taking FCR one step further is the customer journey; each department within a call centre should understand the route customers go through to get what they are looking for. If agents do not understand their roles in the journey, it makes it difficult for them to deliver on promises made to customers.

Finally, call centres can enhance FCR by providing customers with self-service options, allowing them to track request, check updates and so on online whenever they want to. This will reduce repeat call traffic volume, improving efficiency and performance.

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