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Boost call centre IQ for better performance

performance level conceptual meterIt is vital for call centres to constantly evolve if they want to remain ahead of the competition in modern times. This includes putting measures in place to keep performance and operational efficiency as high as possible. There are many simple steps that can improve a telephone answering services’ IQ, raising its overall performance in the process.

First, it is important to join training with quality assurance. By giving both responsibilities to a single manager, call centres can ensure that training is tailored to quality assurance issues, meaning that staff are educated in the right areas to improve a call centre’s services. In addition, companies should consider training their entire workforce to become super agents instead of just having a few such individuals scattered across various divisions. Super agents often come hand in hand with lower attrition levels too, helping companies hold onto their staff.

Regarding consumers, modern technology allows for text messages to be sent to clients for updates instead of calls. This saves a lot of time and effort for both parties. Knowledge bases must be kept updated so that agents can be certain they are working with current information, whilst services should be adjusted to peak and trough periods according to analysis. Finally, different phone numbers can be attached to various marketing campaigns, allowing executives to note which advertising schemes worked the best.

By undertaking these changes, call centres can put themselves ahead of the competition whilst boosting performance and consumer loyalty in the process.

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