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Boost call centre efficiency with agent control

Call centre agentsModern technology has enabled companies to take more control over business operations than ever before, from streamlining payments to organising staff resources. With interactive agent control, telephone answering services can efficiently manage agent availability, queues and calls, thereby taking charge of the call centre and managing at the micro level.

There are a number of benefits that can come from having agent control, including the fact that service levels can be improved. By allowing employees to change their availability status, call volumes can be more effectively managed, ensuring that customers get through to appropriate agents within a specified time.

Meanwhile, team leaders and supervisors can gain more control over queues. For example, specific queues can be opened and closed depending on real-time conditions, thereby funnelling traffic into the best routes. Queue and agent availability can also be varied based on traffic volumes, enabling operatives to make quick decisions to optimise service. By using such technology, calls can also be dispersed across an agent network, allowing managers to ensure that every aspect of a call centre is boosted for efficiency.

Interactive agent control is the ideal tool for taking charge of call centre operations and managing at the frontline. By carefully controlling agent status and call dispersal, traffic volume fluctuations can be handled more easily for optimised service. This leads to increased customer care, more positive branding, and a potential boost in revenue.

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