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Boost call centre budgets by asking the right questions

Securing a budget increase can be difficult for any business department. It can be even harder for call centres, especially when these customer services departments are often seen as an area of cost rather than profit. However, by asking the right questions, executives can place themselves in the best position to secure additional funding.

The first question should be to establish whether a telephone answering services is seen as a centre of profit or cost. If it is the latter, executives need to identify how they are making contributions to a business’s success. For example, additional budgets could be used to boost lifetime customer value and promote loyalty.

It is also important to consider other people’s points of view. For example, how do other stakeholders see a call centre? Areas such as operations, management and IT are all likely to have issues they perceive as important, so working with others to gain a holistic view of a business is essential.

Finally, it can be useful to question what the cost of doing nothing is. Detailing to higher management the full impact of not acting can be enough to kick-start budget gains. This is particularly effective if executives outline how business costs can be affected in both the near future and medium terms.

Increasing call centre budgets can be difficult. However, by clearly identifying key aspects to aid the success of the company as a whole, many executives can be successful in their bid for more funding.

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