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Boost agent productivity with these simple steps

performance level conceptual meterIt is vital for all businesses to get the best from their resources. Employees are one of the most important resources for companies, especially in call centres, whose agents are their frontline of branding and customer experience. Boosting the productivity of these workers is important, and there are some simple steps that can help.

One way to make telephone answering services staff more efficient is to involve them more in the decision-making process. This makes employees feel more valued and more likely to work harder as a result. Feedback forms or meetings are essential if the views of agents are to be taken on board.

Meanwhile, to make people’s lives happier, it is important to recognise an individual’s achievements. By acknowledging the work that people do, call centres can get their staff to become more loyal and possibly work harder. In addition, short, frequent breaks can be a good way to reward agents, allowing individuals to relax, keep their stress under control, and improve performance.

Finally, a call centre doesn’t always revolve around telephone lines, so small “off-phone” tasks should be lined up for idle time between calls. Bigger tasks can be broken up into small pieces, allowing major projects to be worked on in bite-size chunks. This allows performance across the business to grow without putting the quality of customer services at risk.

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