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Boost agent productivity through empowerment

Young smiling call centre employee working hard and accompanied by her teamCall centres often seem to be tasked with the impossible in meeting soaring consumer expectations. When things go awry, agents must deal with furious callers and email rants, among other issues. To boost productivity in the workplace and ensure workers remain motivated in the face of so much negativity, empowering people is essential.

One of the easiest ways to tackle customer services quality and boost agent productivity is to give people more power. This allows telephone answering services workers to feel they are doing their best for customers, and it can often turn a negative situation with a consumer into a positive one.

First, email management is vital. This is because responding to every inbound email is a recipe for slowness and disaster. Instead, call centres need to automatically route emails to people quickly, thereby empowering the right agents to respond as fast as possible. It is also vital to have a well-constructed and detailed knowledge base for agents to use. In many circumstances, all customers need is a straightforward response with a how-to or some miscellaneous data. Giving agents access to a database enables staff to do their jobs better.

Finally, it is a good idea to use social media monitoring tools. Even though it is not hard to reply to consumers on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, monitoring brand awareness and news can be a challenge. Therefore, using an adequate tool can be a great way to highlight positive news about a brand and any negative situations that agents might need to address quickly.



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