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Boost agent loyalty with regular treats

Gifts A new poll has found that 78 per cent of UK workers wouldn’t consider working harder for a 10 per cent bonus on top of their salary each year. However, one fifth of people did say they would be increasingly motivated if they could get regular rewards such as monthly treats. If call centres are looking to boost loyalty and staff retention rates, the study could offer valuable insight.

In the “Push the Button Report” published by One4All Rewards, 1,000 workers in Britain were questioned on the issue of motivation at work. Although some managers think that lump sums of cash and bonuses could be a great reward, many workers don’t hold the same view. Instead, the most effective way to boost morale is by providing regular rewards and incentives. More than 59 per cent of workers said they wouldn’t even be motivated by cash sums that were 25 per cent of their salary.

For telephone answering services that are looking for ways to increase their agents’ productivity, it could be time to turn away from hefty one-off bonuses and look into an ongoing raft of treats and rewards. The survey found that 18 per cent of people would be more likely to work harder if they were offered health insurance, food and travel savings and additional pensions contributions. With agents the frontline of customer services for most call centres, keeping employees happy and engaged must be a top priority.


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