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Boost agent engagement with smart TV screen use

Business team working on computers and wearing headsets in call centerAgent engagement is an ongoing issue for call centres across the country, and firms need to ensure their staff are happy and motivated to provide the best customer care quality possible. TV screens can be a great way to engage workers, but they must be used properly to see results.

For many telephone answering services, the optimisation of wallboards might be poor. If agents are constantly referring to TV screens as a way to boost positive consumer care and getting nothing back but metrics, these spaces are likely to become blind spots. Eventually, call centre agents do not look at them at all, and they can become fed up, disengaged and bored.

With technological advancement, wallboards and screens have become more interactive than ever, allowing firms to focus agents on training, shift patterns, updates and overtime opportunities instead of simply bombarding them with metric figures. In addition, there is the chance to celebrate personal matters like birthdays and highlight cases of positive feedback.

Some people might think that wallboards are simply old news, but by using modern software, screens can be optimised just like any other call centre process. Of course, the traditional grid showcasing call handling metrics and indicators such as “Longest Wait” will still have negative effects on agents, often disheartening people to the point where they want to leave. However, by using TVs as a way to open conversations, firms can boost worker engagement and increase service levels as a result.

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