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Boost agent efficiency with Jabra and Cisco Finesse integration

working in call centerA new collaboration between Cisco Finesse and Jabra will equip call centre agents with novel ways to boost their efficiency and save more time. This is achieved using Jabra’s new Jabra Finesse application, which is software that is installed on an agent’s desktop PC and offers instant benefits.

Once installed, the Jabra Finesse app provides telephone answering services staff with a way to change their Ready/Not Ready status by simply touching a button on their headset. This means that employees can focus on the task at hand instead of being distracted by new incoming calls.

There is also the option to begin recording a call by touching a button on the headset. In addition, Jabra has included a sign-off feature that allows agents to easily end their shift.

Cisco Finesse allows agents to become immersed in a next-generation collaborative experience. In addition to enhancing customer services, the user-centric design has been developed to ensure agent satisfaction. In their “Productivity at the Office – Challenges 2015” report, Jabra previously highlighted the importance of collaboration and concentration. Therefore, it is essential to create a productive environment that minimises distractions, ineffective technology and badly organised meetings.

Jabra Business Solutions Senior Vice President Holger Reisinger said: “Jabra fully appreciates the fast-moving nature of the contact centre of today, as agents are constantly seeking solutions that offer their customers a better call experience. Using Jabra’s professional audio devices means agents can get the most out of their Cisco Finesse system. Jabra and Cisco will continue to work closely together in order to continue exceeding customer expectations.”

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