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Bimodal IT ideal for call centres

Cloud computing and handExperts have suggested that bimodal IT is perfect for call centres, with telephone answering services currently focussed on improving operations advised to look at this tandem use of technology. Global industry analyst firm Gartner said that using a combined strategy of business-driven and technology-driven processes – a “bimodal” approach – can help companies respond to the increasing demands on IT departments for future success.

One area that is fuelling the growth of bimodal operations is cloud computing. In fact, this form of call centre is epitomised by its combination of the two bimodal mantras. Such operations use agility and stability to gain business flexibility and scalability.

Cloud computing also provides increased control over customisation and administration, with upgrades and rollouts no longer requiring a large IT team working 24 hours around the clock to implement. In addition, contact centre solutions are more easily configured, providing firms with a way to optimise processes.

Meanwhile, stability has been helped by the fact that call centres no longer need to worry about bad weather or other factors out of their control that might affect data and routines. Broken telephone lines or the accidental damage of cables do not take the toll they once did, as information is held in the cloud. In addition, with an increasing number of location-independent agents, even commuter problems are becoming old news.

The cloud offers many benefits to businesses, but many traditional processes remain an important part of modern companies, too. By using these together, call centres can ensure they optimise productivity and competitiveness without compromising the effectiveness of overall business.

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