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Big companies must become more transparent about payment terms

telecommunicationsA new report has shown that call centres are failing to track their customers’ journeys despite the importance placed on the way in which people progress through a query. The data from EvaluAgent showed that 90 per cent of telephone answering services aren’t able to effectively track consumers. This comes despite the fact that 90 per cent offer a minimum of four channels.

Being able to track consumer journeys is important for a number of reasons. First, it is essential to know how a query or sales lead first began and through which channel it started for marketing purposes. In addition, positive branding and high quality care are often provided by having a single customer view. By tracking people’s journeys, agents can more effectively help consumers and ensure they have a positive experience.

In the “Are your customers lost in the multichannel maze?” report, 50 senior decision makers were questioned. It was found that although 60 per cent have a multichannel strategy thought out, only 10 per cent have actually put it into practice successfully. Information also suggested that companies might be failing to track where their feedback is coming from.

“Today’s contact centres are dealing with an explosion of new channels that are supposed to reduce operational cost and improve the customer experience. However, our report shows many are paying lip service to the idea of multichannel and failing to create a seamless and joined-up experience that will drive customer satisfaction,” industry expect Jaime Scott said. He added that customer insights are extremely important, so it is essential for firms to capture this information.

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