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Better Customer Services in Call Centres

Customer services is always changing. With the introduction of multiple contact channels and higher expectations for response rates in call centres, due to the nature of technological advancements, you have to change too; or risk being left behind.

Customers are no longer limited to a phone call, they may wish to tweet, email or participate in a live chat to get the answers they want, as quickly as they can. In order to stay on top it’s important to offer platforms suitable for your customer base, covering the traditional and tech savvy! Something we place great importance on at Go Response.

Here are just 3 of the main points we focus on with our call centre staff and something for you to consider when choosing your call centre supplier.

The script!
When considering an call centre outsourcing it’s important that your customers don’t suffer. They need to feel they are still reaching someone who understands and will listen as opposed to bark standardised responses, following the script rather than the conversation. It’s important the script is natural and flexible!

  • To avoid sounded scripted, have it written by someone with a casual, conversational writing style
  • Work to naturally build the relationship before solving the problem.
  • Focus less on a full script and more on the customer journey and conversation.
  • Leave room for customisation and changes depending on the customer; every conversation is different.

Pop back later this week as we take a look at 2 other crucial points in providing great customer service in call centres; what you should be looking for from an out-sourced call centre service.

To be continued.

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