GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Bespoke advertising response lines

If you have just finished your latest marketing campaign, you may need to use a third party company to handle the extra phone calls you will receive. After a strong advertising campaign it’s not unusual for customers or clients to call your company to ask for further information or to purchase one of your products.

If you use a call centre to handle your calls, you will be able to take calls 24/7, meaning you will never miss a client call or a potential sale. Your dedicated telephone response team can answer all your calls and depending on the question or query, may be able to answer the question or at least forward a request to the right recipient. This can reduce the time it will take for you to sort through your calls and prioritise them according to whether it is an important lead.

Your call centre representative can collate all this relevant information and can give clear feedback on client queries. They can even take sales calls and handle payments if necessary. Your payment and inventory system can also be integrated with the call centre’s system, giving complete transparency for sales made and number of contacts received.

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