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Benefits of round-the-clock telephone answering service

It is not every business that needs to offer 24-hour customer service but those companies that want to attract customers from other countries may need to consider this.  However, operating a customer service department at all hours can be costly, which is why a telephone answering service could provide the answer.  Call handling is outsourced to a call centre where an individual or team – depending upon the expected call volume – are trained to answer queries specific to the client’s business.  Customers who are able to speak to an operative at any time of night or day are more likely to come back and they will have a much more positive view of the company that they are dealing with.

Customers may never be aware that their call has been diverted to a call centre.  The systems used are integrated with that of the client so customer information as well as product information can be accessed quickly and easily.

For the client this can be a very cost effective solution.  There are pay as you use options available so there are no charges made unless the service is actually in use.  The service can be used when the client’s phone line is engaged or if there is no answer but calls can be placed on a permanent divert if needed.  The 24-hour option is also useful for clients that need to offer an emergency response service.  Setting up the system is easy and can be done without any disruption to customer service.

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