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Benefits of live chat in call centres

Live web chats are becoming an increasingly popular option for companies offering call centre services. This is because the instant interaction with clients benefits everyone; the call centre, their clients and the end user.

At Go Response we’ve been using live web chats for a while now; both as an introduction to our extensive range of call answering services and also as a way for existing clients to get in touch. Since using the system we’ve seen the number of interactions steadily increase and the advantages benefiting everyone.

Ender user: Increased customer satisfaction

We live in a face paced world and we’re used to having the answer at our fingertips. This can also make us impatient! The instantaneous response offered by live web chats enables customers the opportunity to get in touch then and there with immediate results.

Client: Creating positive brand awareness

For clients, knowing their customers will be attended to straight away with no faffing around or transferring of calls will also add to the customer experience. A positive experience will do wonders for your company’s brand and image as well as gaining trust and loyalty with service users.

Call centre: Reduced operational costs

For the call answering company itself, the main benefit is reduced operational costs. This enables companies like us to invest more in staff training and improved technologies enabling us to continue offering the fantastic service on which our formidable reputation is based.

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