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Benefits of a telephone answering service

Everybody knows that first impressions count in business and for many companies, the first impression is made when the telephone is answered.  This first impression can mean the difference between losing and keeping a customer.  Customer service is so important for all companies and for small businesses in particular.  A telephone answering service could be the solution, as they offer plenty of potential for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

The services that a business can make use of by using a call centre are varied.  This could be anything from basic call answering to a full contact centre that deals with mail and offers virtual office services.  This can reduce overheads for a small business as it can cut back on staff that are directly employed, larger office spaces and other services.  It also means that there is also a real live person on the end of the phone so that customers are not left listening to recorded messages and will not have to leave messages on answer phones.

For a new business in particular, telephone answering services can free up a great deal of time so that staff members can focus on other things.  In addition, the services offered by call centres can be tailored to meet the needs of individual companies.  It may be that it is only weekend calls that need to be handled in this way, or calls can be covered for meetings and events.  The cost of being able to deal with calls out of hours can be very small when compared to the potential return.

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