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Being put on hold feared by many call centre customers

A new report has shown that a large proportion of consumers fear being put on hold. In some cases, they will switch to a competitor rather than deal with trying to sort out an issue. In the survey by NewVoiceMedia, 55 per cent of people said they were worried about long queue times, making it essential for telephone answering services to address this problem quickly.

Surveying 2,004 adults in Australia, it was also revealed that 58 per cent of consumers moved to an alternate business if they received bad services. Among these people, 92 per cent said they had switched between businesses at least once in the past 12 months alone. Many frustrations were revealed, with 46 per cent saying they hated the lack of appreciation from firms, 38 per cent naming rude call centre staff as the reason for their switch, and 32 per cent saying that being passed between multiple agents annoyed them.

When data for business revenue is looked at, it was shown that each consumer spends about £445 with a company before leaving. This means that on average, a company could be losing £4bn each year because of poor customer service. This doesn’t take into effect negative word of mouth or the costs of replacing consumers.

The study shows just how important it is for call centres to get their consumer care right. By having call back options and self-service menus, many customers can avoid lengthy queues. With adequate training, agents can gain the experience needed to provide optimum care.

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