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Beat agent retention statistics with career progression

JOB REVIEWThe call centre industry has a notoriously low employee retention rate, with many companies experiencing a high turnover of staff. This creates low morale across teams and can be extremely expensive for the business as a whole. One way to help beat a low retention rate average is by creating a system of clear agent career progression opportunities.

For telephone answering services, it is important to show agents that there is a clear career path they can follow within a firm. There is a stereotype that working as a call centre agent is a dead-end job. However, this is not necessarily true; team leader, management and other administrative roles might be made available to the right workers.

In small teams where there are limited opportunities to move up within a firm, training and the chance to qualify in new skills can be provided. Completion of these opportunities could even lead to small pay rises when a new job title is not available.

From an agent’s very first day, call centres should seek to make it clear where they can expect to be in six, 12, and even 18 months. It is wise to talk to new members of staff about their ambitions and then regularly review these conversations in order to find ways to help people grow. This support goes a long way toward keeping people in a positive mindset and helping individuals to feel like valued members of the team.

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