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Battling back-to-work stress

Work stressHeading back to work after the Christmas period can be difficult for many people, and now a new poll has discovered just how stressful it is. The latest research from MetLife Employee Benefits shows that three quarters of people have some negativity about going back to work in January.

The biggest difficulty for many people is trying to readjust to their working schedule after having time off during the festive season. Thirty-one per cent of people are concerned about catching up with the backlog of work, and 25 per cent admit that financial pressure from Christmas will be a cause of stress for the New Year.

There is a difference in opinions across the generation gap, with older employees finding the return to work less stressful than their younger colleagues. In fact, two fifths of those aged 55 or older said they were not worried at all. This compares to just one fifth of workers aged between 18 and 34.

It is vital for call centres to ensure the New Year is a time of positivity, and telephone answering services should boost the morale of their staff where possible.

MetLife UK Employee Benefits Director Tom Gaynor said that it was important to help people readjust and not feel stressed. “However, it seems it is a concern for many people as they worry about catching up with backlogs at work. Workplace stress is a major issue for employers and employees and it has a real impact on business performance. There are, however, a range of practical steps companies can take which help address the issues before they become a major problem,” he added.

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