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Battle call centre queues for good customer service

Despite social media becoming an increasingly important call method, individuals still seek out call centres to help them with product and service queries.  As such, reducing queue lengths is as important ever.  There is nothing worse for a customer than to get stuck in a long telephone answering services queue.  So reducing these to ensure good customer service is vital.

There are many ways in which experienced managers can reduce queue times, and knowing a business’s peak periods is crucial.  For regular peaks and troughs, staff shifts should be arranged to cater to call traffic.  Meanwhile, in busy holiday periods, agent holidays should be restricted to ensure that enough employees are on hand.

One important way to answer customer queries is to add updated information to queue messages.  Service status, alternative contact methods or simple informative answers can be provided whilst people wait, allowing some customers to get help before they have even talked to an agent.

Finally, call-back software can do wonders in call centres, allowing agents to contact staff as soon as they are free.  It is vital that call-backs are actually attended to in a swift and timely manner, but this method ensures that customers feel respected and important even in the worst circumstances.

Reducing queuing times can be an important way of keeping customers happy.  Even for those who may be calling to complain, a swift resolution to their call can turn a negative experience into a positive one.

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