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Barclay Card Call Centre Fined For Silent Calls

Barclay Card was slapped across the wrist to the tune of £50,000 this week, due to breach of regulations regarding outbound calls being abandoned.

Abandoned calls happen when call centre outbound “predictive diallers” are set too agressively, such that there are no agents available when the person being called picks up the phone. Regulations state that no more than 3% of calls can be abandoned in such a way.

Ed Richards, Ofcom’s Chief Executive, said:
‘Taken as a whole, this is the most serious case of persistent misuse by making silent and abandoned calls that Ofcom has ever investigated. Had we not been limited by the statutory maximum, we would have imposed a larger financial penalty to reflect this misuse.’

I for one hate receiving cold calls, usually during a meal, so hats off to Ofcom for clamping down. However, I can’t help wondering if £50k is a realistic deterrent to future breaches?

Glen Blow

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