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Banks need to review customer service

A recent report has suggested that the banks have a great deal to learn about customer service and that they can pick up tips from larger companies that use call centres.  This suggestion has been made by the Customer Contact Association.

The recommendation is that they look to become more creative in their approach in order to repair some of the damage suffered with the bad press banks have received over the last few years.  A series of scandals have caused untold damage and many members of the public no longer have faith in the banks like they used to.

The recommendations have come from a recent debate and the chief executive of the CCA has stated that while banks are making an effort, they have a long way to go and can take advantage of the systems operated by other companies.  Call centres are now building a strong reputation for professionalism and this is more important than ever for the banks.  A number of banks continue to outsource their customer service to call centres overseas, which is not a popular option with customers.

Reputable call centres offer accountability and measurability in their dealings with clients’ customers and banks need to take the same approach, particularly since customers are now more inclined to switch banks than they used to be.

Staff interacting with customers of the banks will need to offer more than a telephone answering service and banks should seek to maximise the use of staff that are experienced and can offer great standards of customer service.

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