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Banks may be Happy With Recent Indian Outsourcing Changes

Banks in the UK using outsourcing were worried about call centre security back in 2005.

In 2005, banks moved to tighten up call centre security with their outsourcing. They were worried that customer information would leak out or that private information would be sold. To restore customer confidence they worked with Indian outsourcing companies to create a better situation. Now that it is almost seven years later, security is improving yet again across many industries and not just banks. This is due to changes in India and potentially China.

A little over a month ago India announced new laws as it pertains to outsourcing and telephone answering services. They announced they would not allow exportation of any information provided to them. It effectively locks down any information sharing. It has meant that information provided to the firm cannot be sent to the company contracting the call centre services. There is a way around this and that is using cloud call centres wherein the information is retained by the UK companies.

It may provide the consumer confidence customers have been looking for since 2005. There is another solution to security concerns especially on behalf of banks. They could use call centre services in the UK with UK outsourcing companies rather than those around the world. Customers tend to appreciate national outsourcing rather than anything sent overseas. There may be the language barriers to be concerned about, but more importantly, jobs. Jobs that can remain in the UK help stimulate the economy, so choosing UK outsourcing may be beneficial to certain companies.

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