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Bad Twitter experience can affect brand image for years

Twitter-BirdA new study has revealed that if people experience poor customer services on Twitter, the negative effects can stay with them for years. In a poll, NewVoiceMedia surveyed hundreds of responses from Twitter users. Fifty-nine per cent of respondents said that their positive experience was due to personalised and quick consumer care, indicating their time wasn’t wasted and their problem was resolved. Conversely, the 41 per cent who had experienced bad care expressed a profound negative impact that lasts for years.

Call centres would do well to take this new information into consideration when planning their Twitter strategies. The latest evidence supports a “Serial Switchers” report from 2013 in which NewVoiceMedia found that 28 per cent of those moving between companies do so because they don’t think their business is appreciated. Dissatisfied customers transfer around £12bn every year moving companies, which means that many of the companies losing customers also miss out on a lot of revenue.

NewVoiceMedia’s chief executive officer, Jonathan Gale, said: “For businesses to provide exemplary customer service, it’s important to know which experiences really make a memorable impact. Clearly, failing to invest in customer service is not an option.”

Telephone answering services that want to excel in brand experience must ensure they are using Twitter correctly. As the latest results show, providing bad service can impact people for many years and leave them with a sour taste in their mouth from the brand involved.

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