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Avoid using the most annoying call centre phrases

Dialing telephone keypadCall centres have placed a lot of focus on improving customer services quality over the past year as consumer expectations have risen. Along with self-service options, people are able to access brands through more channel diversity and enjoy a greater customer experience. However, phrases that annoy customers are still being used in the telephone answering services industry, and it is important to eradicate these.

In many cases, contact with call centre agents is made because something has gone wrong. In such circumstances, it is crucial not to frustrate customers more by using bad phrases that could easily be avoided. There are several phrases of note that cause annoyance, including “Sorry about the wait”, “That’s not something I can do”, “I’m struggling to find your account details” and “You can find information on our website”. There are ways around having to give such responses, either by rephrasing the words or implementing processes so customers never have to hear these words again.

For example, “That’s not something I can do,” instantly implies that call centre agents have no power. It is also very unhelpful to tell customers there is no help available. Broadening the responsibilities of agents can help with this, allowing them to complete more calls. If a task cannot be achieved, it is essential to pass it on to a higher-level agent immediately.

Meanwhile, hearing “You can find information on our website” is particularly annoying for modern consumers who may well have already gone online. In many cases, consumers will be contacting agents because their enquiry is more complex than something a simple website FAQ can solve.

Eradicating annoying phrases in the call centre should be a priority for brands that want to optimise their customer services. This can be particularly helpful with frustrated callers, and it can help turn bad situations into positive outcomes.

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