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Avoid traditional call centre techniques for better service

Call centres have been around for many decades, and as such, there are still a few of these businesses using older methods.  However, what worked once before, no longer has a place in modern business.  There are a number of crimes that telephone answering services should never commit, ensuring that their customer service remains fresh.

One of the worst things for companies to do is to neglect their employees.  In the 70s and 80s, there was a lot of organisational upheaval, and voluntary redundancies were often used to increased company efficiency.  However, it was frequently the case that call centres were left with the poorer-performing staff members whilst more capable individuals moved on.  The opposite has to be true for modern life, and it is important for businesses to keep their high quality staff if the best service is to be achieved.

Another problem of the past is that the emphasis was placed upon sales calls, instead of customer service.  In many situations, a call centre had 20 sales lines and just three customer service lines.  In 2014, this needs to be far more equalised, with the care of consumers being a top priority.

Finally, it is vital for businesses not to market themselves as offering great customer service if they don’t.  This was a major issue in the recession, with a lot of companies trying to attract custom with false marketing.  There can be a huge backlash to this as clients realise that service is actually relatively poor.  Instead, call centres must improve their customer service before marketing this feature, ensuring that all new consumers get the results they expect.

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