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Avoid these metrics for better business

Call centres are required to utilise metrics as a gauge of how well they are doing. Whilst many metrics can be helpful, such as First Call Resolution (FCR) and customer effort, there are others that are a waste of time.

Different metrics work for different telephone answering services, so there is no one set answer on which data gauges should be utilised. However, based on the feedback of other call centres, executives can make informed decisions as to what works and what does not. In recent months, several metrics have been found to be wanting, and for those developing new processes, it might be best to avoid these and concentrate on other trusted methods.

Non-personal metrics are often found to fail in call centres, particularly when they are contrasted with personal ones. For example, both  and Quality Control are two metrics based on an agent’s actual actions. However, call answer time and abandon rate are not controlled by receivers, so they provide very little useable information. Likewise, “wrap time” has not proven to work in many cases. Although Average Handling Time (AHT) is utilised by many companies, the stress on agents can be great, so it is sometimes best to avoid it.

By simply outlining a few poor metrics, it is easy to see that metric choice can have a significant impact on call centres. By choosing the right data sets to measure, executives have a better chance at effective management.

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