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Avoid these common mistakes when implementing agent desktops

Smiling Customer service representative with headset onThe agent desktop is the core engine room for many call centres, providing staff with the tools and solutions needed to conduct their jobs productively. Nevertheless, many common errors occur when it comes to implementing desktops. By ironing out these issues, telephone answering services can ensure a more streamlined and efficient operation.

One of the most common mistakes is failing to simplify everything, thereby making it harder for agents to do their work. Clear colour coding and obvious icons should be used so the interface is intuitive. If training is required to enable workers to use the software properly, it might be time to review the software and look into simpler alternatives.

Another mistake is attempting to cram every icon onto a single screen. Whilst many businesses want to create a one-click solution, cluttering the desktop can actually harm effectiveness. Research shows that having a second screen can actually boost productivity. Webchats and other contact functions could be placed in one area, whilst complex business applications could be saved elsewhere.

Finally, call centres must ensure the desktop doesn’t force customers to repeat details. One of the top causes for customer dissatisfaction is having to repeat their information. Companies can use CTI pop-ups to collect consumer data and then share it with agents. This means data is more streamlined.

Having a smooth and efficient desktop is vital for agents to do their jobs correctly. By correcting a few simple errors, positive returns can be noted.

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