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Avoid replacing training with emails

Emails are a great way of communicating in call centres, and provide a vital means of letting everyone in a company know about the latest news.  However, some telephone answering services may be substituting their training schemes with simple email alerts and, ultimately, risking good customer service.

With 2013 being the year of customer service, it is vital for call centre agents to have full understanding of the products and services that they are dealing with.  If customers call for help, agents need to be able to provide knowledgeable information about particular items.  This not only provides better consumer care, but ensures that call handling time is reduced as employees do not have to wade through documentation to find the information they are looking for.

New products and services are coming out all the time, and whilst it is fine to alert agents to these items via an email, a proper training session is vital.  Weekly update sessions can be held to talk to agents about new products or changes in service.  Meanwhile, a three-hour product introduction session can be scheduled.  This allows all agents to gain the vital knowledge they need to help consumers.

With customers becoming increasingly fickle and willing to change to a competitor at the first sign of bad service, it is crucial to always make consumer care a priority.  Therefore, for call centres offering training rather than emails, better performance is likely to be noted.

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