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Avoid repetition to boost customer experience

Call centre employeesMany modern call centres focus on improving the customer experience. A new survey has revealed that 75 per cent of consumers hate having to repeat themselves, so telephone answering services must do all they can to eradicate this complaint.

The research by UBM found that three quarters of people do not like having to repeat themselves. This was closely followed by 72 per cent of respondents revealing they are annoyed when customer experiences are not joined up, such as when no communication occurs between a call centre and a shop.

UBM questioned British consumers about common frustrations they experience when contacting call centres and brands. The responses also revealed that attitudes to online promotional material are also changing, with many people now happy to receive marketing deals from their favourite brands. In fact, 80 per cent of people said they enjoyed receiving discount codes, while 73 per cent mentioned free delivery.

Talking of the findings, UBM Brand Manager Rebecca Slater said: “The lessons to be learned from this survey are that there’s no one-size fits all solution; brands need to be in tune with who their customers are in order to deliver the right solution to that demographic.”

However, one thing is clear: to keep consumers happy, repetition needs to be kept to a minimum with services integrated and streamlined toward a single customer journey. This will allow call centres to improve the consumer experience, reduce people’s frustration, and benefit firms with increased loyalty and overall revenue.

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