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Avoid overlooking top performers

performance level conceptual meterAgents are a call centre’s frontline, and they are the workers who deal with customers on a day to day basis. It is vital that people are motivated to work and that they are rewarded for their performance. Even though many telephone answering services monitor the quality of their agents, it is often the poorer performing individuals who are identified rather than those who are doing well.

To get the best workforce, training and education is required. This is why the spotlight is often placed on poor performers, allowing call centres to give individuals additional support and help to boost their efficiency. However, without also rewarding those who are doing well, companies risk leaving their best agents feeling disheartened and frustrated, and they could even see people resign. In addition, whilst some companies do reward productive agents, this is often done based solely on call numbers, which is not the best measurement of service.

One example of where this method fails is in a call centre where agents are contacting customers as a courtesy reminder of an upcoming medical appointment. In such a situation, there is no chance of upselling, so performance was linked to customers who had said they were still attending the appointment. In fact, some of the best agents were likely those who had reversed prior cancellations, helped rearrange appointments due to transport issues, or even those who had to talk to family members because the person involved had died. It shows that top performances can’t be attributed to call volume or simple metrics; managers have to look deeper.

To gain positive performance in a call centre, top agents have to be recognised. This is a great way to boost retention rates and improve customer service quality.

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