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Avoid distractions to enhance agent performance

Call centerEven though it may seem obvious to many, call centres must reduce office distractions if they want agents to work at peak performance levels. Reduced focus from workers can result in longer on-hold times and poorer consumer care. In an age when service levels are more important than ever, it is essential to keep distractions at minimum levels.

Several common distractions in the call centre can be eradicated relatively easily. In a poll of telephone answering service employees, 25 per cent cited interruptions from colleagues as a major issue. Noisy offices also cause problems, resulting in many agents lacking concentration. In addition, small work spaces reduce people’s privacy, and this can have a negative impact on performance levels.

Call centre operations can also impact performance levels. For example, receiving too many emails can cause stress and was cited by 22 per cent of workers as being a key reason for losing focus. Meanwhile, trying to handle excess calls can also impact the quality of each contact as agents become tired of too many conversations.

For companies that are trying to optimise agent performance levels, there is a careful balancing act to be maintained between getting through as much work as possible and causing stress levels in workers to rise. Meanwhile, reducing workplace noise and colleague interruptions whilst increasing individual work-space areas can have a positive effect on employees and boost performance levels. By reducing these distractions, greater overall success can be achieved.

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