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Avoid common selling mistakes for better business

Business Team 1Call centres often have high targets when it comes to selling, and even telephone answering services who deal predominantly with inbound calls often have to make sales. There are many mistakes commonly made in companies, and by correcting these, better consumer care and performance can be created.

One of the biggest problems, particularly for call centres, is mumbling through an entire sales pitch. A good patter is clear and concise, informing people of what they are getting as quickly and accurately as possible. Selling over the phone means their voice is the only tool at an agent’s disposal, so it is essential to get it right. Practising can help, so frontline staff should be encouraged to work on their speech.

When up-selling, potential sales are sometimes lost because agents haven’t listened to customers. While people phoning help and care lines might be trying to correct an issue, there is often the chance to sell an additional product or service. Even if sales aren’t the priority, building rapport should be. For example, if a customer provides his date of birth during the call and it happens to be his birthday, it is important to take a moment to wish him well.

Finally, putting a lot of faith in scripts is likely to lead to failure. Although scripts can help guide an agent, strictly adhering to them is problematic, particularly if a consumer’s query really can’t be answered that way. Instead, giving agents the chance to develop their own style can benefit the entire company.

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