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Avoid common customer service email mistakes

Email in handsWith an increasing number of call centres using email to contact customers, it is not surprising to hear that mistakes often occur. It is crucial for telephone answering services to avoid making such errors whenever possible.

There are many things that can go wrong in email communication, and everything is captured in black and white as proof. One of the biggest errors is failing to check templates before the email is sent. All too often, a reply is made and agents realise they left the [insert name here] tag in. This gives a clear message that care and attention are lacking; these are not issues that a call centre wants to showcase.

Another issue that can frustrate customers is lengthy reply times, so it is essential to ensure that there is a clearly defined period for people to adhere to. Both agents and customers need to be made aware of this so expectations can be kept realistic. Service levels are often set at five days; this period is far too long. If email responses aren’t being returned within two hours, call centres can expect heightened calls from frustrated consumers.

Other major mistakes to avoid are accidentally forwarding a customer a chain of in-house emails, sending confidential data to the wrong person, forgetting to email the promised attachments and absentmindedly signing off with a kiss. By avoiding these problems, companies can ensure their customer care is as good as possible.

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