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Average Christmas bonus doubles in UK

Cash in handIt has been revealed that the average Christmas bonus gifted to employees in the UK is expected to have doubled in 2015. With economic conditions improving and businesses understanding the importance of boosting staff morale, companies across the nation are preparing to reward staff members this festive season.

Research from the Prepaid International Forum (PIF) showed that not only have bonuses doubled, but prepaid cards are the top choice for employers. Such gifts give firms like telephone answering services an easy way to reward agents for their work. It also helps to boost morale for the coming year. Statistics have shown that those receiving bonuses are less likely to leave for a new job. In fact, the survey found that 71 per cent of people would turn away greater earning opportunities if they worked for a firm that regularly rewarded them for their efforts.

With the average bonus rising by 112 per cent, it’s important for call centres to consider their gifting options. Christmas is only one week away, and firms that haven’t yet finalised their gifts should do so promptly.

Spokesperson for PIF Alastair Graham said: “Almost three-quarters of companies say that they favour this method of saying thank you because it has a greater impact on staff morale and motivation, not least because it prevents bonuses simply being absorbed into meeting the costs of Christmas rather than going towards an actual treat.”

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