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Average call handling times nearing ten minutes

In a new poll asking call centres how long their average call handling time is, it was found that the majority of respondents had agents working with customers for between five and nine minutes.  Ensuring that customer queries are sorted out during the first call is vital, but reducing handling times will also ensure that telephone answering services can help more people.

In the latest survey conducted during an online webinar, it was found that 43% of call centres had an average call time of between five and nine minutes.  Meanwhile, 34% of companies had managed to reduce this to between three and four minutes, whilst 9% dropped this even further to between one and two minutes.  Just 1% had an average call handling time of under a minute, whilst 13% said that calls were normally at least ten minutes in length.

The figures indicate that whilst the majority of call centres are managing to get their calls conducted in a timely manner, there remain a lot of firms whose average call times push well past the ten-minute mark.  Whilst, on one hand, this shows that customers may be gaining great one-to-one service, it limits the number of people a telephone answering service can deal with.  This can result in poor customer service for other callers who are unable to get through and have their problems resolved.  Therefore, it is vital to reduce call handling time where possible, so as to offer good customer service to more people.

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