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Average Brit spends 5.5 weeks engaging call centres

Businesswoman speaking on the phoneA new study shows that the average British consumer spends five and a half weeks of their life calling customer support services. A leader in the omnichannel customer experience market, Genesys conducted the study to explore just how people want to interact with modern call centres.

After surveying more than 2,000 consumers in Britain, Genesys discovered that 83 per cent of people prefer to pick up the phone and talk to companies in hopes of getting a quick resolution. As a result, the average person spends about 17 minutes per week over their lifetime talking to telephone answering services agents.

Consumers also reported that not contacting brands immediately had lost them money. In fact, one third of those questioned reported an average loss of £55 during the past 12 months because they had not picked up the phone, resulting in accrued bank charges or expenses due to not paying credit cards or utility bills on time. Meanwhile, a fifth of people said they must spend during their working hours conducting personal matters. This is often due to the fact that it is impossible to seek consumer support outside the average 9-to-5 workday.

Genesys Global Sales and Field Operations Executive Vice President Mark Turner said: “This research shows that many of today’s call-centric systems don’t work for customers and are having negative financial consequences. Exceptional customer experience is the foundation for great brands but many are failing. The results of this survey suggest that companies need to go further to accommodate the busy work and home lives of their customers.

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