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Automation set to change customer services

Touch screenMost call centres recognise that modern technology and automation are already changing the world of customer services. Consumers are no longer limited to lifting the phone and talking to agents. Instead, they can use social media to gather help or take advantage of the variety of self-service options that are readily available. This means that telephone answering services must consider the future when developing customer services strategies.

The use of virtual services is growing, including the ability to avoid monotonous IVR menu button pressing by simply asking questions instead. As technology allows customer service products to become more innovative and intuitive, it is estimated that the number of service requests could be cut in half by 2020. This is largely due to self-service options, with a 15 per cent decline in traffic thanks to consumers helping themselves. Meanwhile, outbound alerts and online virtual assistants will each contribute towards 10 per cent of the decline, whilst social communities will make up a further 8 per cent. Finally, better voice interfaces and more intuitive smartphone IVRs will each result in a 5 per cent decrease in customer services traffic.

With so many people helping themselves, customer services traffic could decrease to 47 per cent of current demand. This means that human interactions will become more important than ever, with call centre agents often facing complex and difficult demands. To cope with this evolution of consumer care, it is vital for businesses to take steps now to prepare for the future.

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