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Automated telephone answering service Vs the human touch

When dealing with potential or existing customers you want to ensure you can deliver the best service possible in order to retain their custom. That’s why, as brilliant as computers are, there are still some areas that are best dealt with by a human touch.

It wasn’t so long ago that customer services departments across a broad spectrum of industries bought in automated telephone answering services to improve customer call handling, as well as save money. Unfortunately due to the unreliability of some systems and a number of technical glitches many companies are now moving back to the proven success of operator based call centre support.

This reversal was due to the realisation of some businesses that they had actually lost customers through their frustrating automated system. Even in this technology fuelled world, your clients still benefit from the security of talking to a real life person and customers rarely purchase products or services from companies unable to deliver satisfactory customer support.

Call centres can be done a number of ways, the first being in-house. However this can be a large expense not to mention time consuming to set-up. Because of this many companies turn their attention to call centre outsourcing. Outsourcing to 24/7 call answering and handling service can offer a wealth of benefits to any business as well as keeping your customers happy.

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