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Automate to take advantage of social media

Social media signsThe age of social media has arrived, leaving many call centres scrambling to try to get as many platforms up and running as possible. However, with consumers expecting swift and effective service, it is not enough to simply have social channels active; telephone answering services must ensure they are working properly, too. Automation can be used to help facilitate this.

The retail revolution is being driven by connected consumers. With an increasing number of tools at people’s disposal, research has shown that customers often end up buying more than they intended to because they are able to research and shop anywhere at any time.

This trend means that companies have to be able to provide nearly instant customer service. Brands that are unable to do this will pay the price. This fallout is made even worse by the fact that social media allows frustrated people to share their experiences easily and quickly.

Even though social media has become mainstream for many firms, there are those who have been slow to utilise the plethora of new platforms. In fact, data from Socialbakers suggests that just 55 per cent of social media enquiries get a reply; this figure drops to just 32 per cent on Twitter.

With customers expecting instant responses, workforce management (WFM) solutions can help. Many modern systems include an automated feature, allowing for real-time data to be extracted and acted upon. This can help call centres act on social media queries, avoid missing out on important leads and limit the potential fallout from a negative experience.

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