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Authenticity can be gained by agent caution

Telephone Answering ServicesCall centres can be a fast-paced environment, with agents attempting to cycle through calls as quickly as possible in a bid to be more productive. Even though many telephone answering services now place a lower priority on Average Handling Time (AVR) in favour of metrics such as First Call Resolution (FCR), it is important for companies to proceed with a degree of caution to prevent agents rushing a solution.

In an attempt to boost productivity, many call centre agents might be keen to hurry into a solution as soon as they’ve heard a customer’s issue. This is particularly true if it’s a common problem that is heard time and time again. However, by jumping into help and not giving customers time to relay their entire query, agents can lose their authenticity. In many cases, the initial problem might not be the full story, and their failure to listen actually results in an incompetent resolution.

For firms looking to build the authenticity of their workforce, it’s a good idea to urge agents to remain cautious and listen to the entire problem before attempting to resolve it. Even if the issue is as simple as it sounds, providing customers with the opportunity to speak can make them feel much better. It also makes consumers feel as if they’re valued and being taken seriously by the company.

With customer services so important, keeping people happy is essential. By building an authentic company voice and taking the time to listen, call centres can boost their positive branding.

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