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ATMs Also Being Outsourced

Bankers in India announced they will outsource 50% of their ATMs by 2015 to offset slow credit issues.

India is no stranger to outsourcing needs. In the past few decades India has been the UK answer for outsourcing call centres and telephone answering services. The industry has slowly been changing to fit consumer needs better, even when outsourcing. It has meant a shift from India call centres to localised options. It has also meant differences for IT outsourcing. The news that India is considering outsourcing certain services like ATMs is somewhat surprising.

The banks are still going to hold the licences for the ATMs even in 2015, when the outsourcing should hit 50%. The only difference is that outside agencies will run the ATMs. The move provides a different way for UK businesses to look at their products and services. Consumers are often happy when they are saving money, especially when their income is tight.

These same consumers do not want to lose quality. It creates a fine line for businesses in how they can offer better savings, while still controlling quality. Businesses in the UK may want to really think about how to outsource certain aspects of their business to increase revenue and consumer satisfaction. The banks in India are showing just one way that savings can be had for consumers’ banking in Indian financial institutions. Other services besides call staff, such as IT help and data services, can be outsourced to professional companies able to handle the volume that your business has.

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