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Aspect Workforce Optimisation gets engaging update

Ask us Buy Online Consult Contact us Customer Support ConceptAspect Software, one of the global leaders in customer engagement tools, has revealed its latest upgrade for Aspect EQ Workforce Optimisation. In 8.2, new gamification channels have been added, whilst the various workforce optimisation (WFO) components have been streamlined. Non-voice channels have also received new and accurate forecasting tools. Meanwhile, features such as quality management, desktop analytics and active assignment solutions have also been improved.

Aspect Software’s General Manager of WFO, Mike Bourke, said: “Since the release of WFM 8 two years ago with its stand-out icon and widget-based UI, Aspect has made remarkable progress converting our entire WFO portfolio to a sleek, graphically-rich user interface that is second to none in the marketplace. The 8.2 release enhances the depth and breadth of the Aspect EQ WFO suite with market-leading features that demonstrate Aspect’s commitment to being a top WFO provider.”

Some of the innovative tools Aspect EQ WFO offers include the ability to blend call centre agents across digital and voice channels. This allows telephone answering services to provide smooth transitioning from one platform to another, thereby improving the consumer journey. Meanwhile, a new speech analytics feature has also been added. This is available through the Quality Monitoring evaluations page and can offer call centres insights to help boost productivity.

A recent Aspect report showed that the majority of call centre executives believe that improved software user interfaces (UI) boost morale and productivity. By opting for Aspect EQ WFO, companies could boost their success all around as agents and consumers enjoy improved experiences.

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