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Aspect Software urges identity authentication improvements as ransomware grows

Young employee working with a headset and accompanied by her teamAspect Software, one of the leading call centre solution providers, has said that the rise of ransomware should serve as an opportunity to improve identity authentication. Fraud often follows the mainstream channels of adoption, and more of these types of threats can be expected as the Internet of Things (IoT) grows. Therefore, telephone answering services must take ID verification even more seriously.

This week, the National Cyber Security Centre and National Crime Agency revealed that the levels of ransomware are growing significantly. In response, Aspect Software’s digital expert, Keiron Dalton, said that the use of IoT will affect people’s trust in online data tools.

“The more devices that are connected, the more challenging authentication and trust becomes as our digital lives are ever more distributed,” he said, adding, “Think of it this way – each device uses some of your personal data, and whether that’s an email address or full credit card details, pieces of our ‘identity’ are fragmented and essentially blasted off into the ether.”

Dalton believes it is not only smartphones that are vulnerable, with every connected device giving opportunistic thieves the chance to gain access to data. Cyber criminals, for example, can use data generated from many devices to glean new insights into people’s affairs.

As a result, call centres must do more to improve identity authentication if they want to keep consumers’ details safe. This will mean embracing new technology and educating customers on how to use next-generation tools without compromising their security.

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