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Aspect reveals new ultimate cloud-based software

Many call centres are turning to cloud-based solutions to ensure they can maximise efficiency in the workplace.  With this in mind, Aspect have launched a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution called Zipwire, with the aim of making the business operations that telephone answering services use as simple and seamless as possible.

In the new program, Aspect is providing call centres with a way to utilise simplicity whilst gaining maximum performance.  Zipwire reduces the demand on IT, helping businesses save money, whilst also offering 24/7/365 support and unlimited elasticity.  This latter feature allows companies to boost and reduce their commitment to SaaS as levels of business rise and fall throughout the year.  Zipwire has also been carefully designed so that it can meet the demands of both large and small companies, allowing the solution to be rolled out within hours with no set-up fees.

John Amein from Aspect, said: “These features address the primary concerns start-ups and smaller companies face operating and servicing contact centres by offering unlimited upward and downward scalability, giving them the ability to create a service footprint that puts them on par with larger corporations.”

In 2014, customer services will become even more important than ever, and to provide optimal support, a business must be running seamlessly.  Many call centres are turning to SaaS as a way to find affordable and efficient business solutions, and Zipwire may well find favour with many firms.

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