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Aspect integrates Facebook Messenger to revolutionise customer experience

Woman holding iPhone6S Rose Gold with service Facebook MessengerEnsuring that consumers have a good experience has become a main priority for many call centres, with companies coming up with a variety of methods to streamline journeys and keep customers happy. Now Aspect Software is set to transform the telephone answering services workplace by allowing chats between businesses and customers via Facebook Messenger.

As part of their latest research, Aspect Software revealed that almost 40 per cent of people would prefer to contact a company via messaging applications over picking up the phone. This means that this area is set to see large investment in the coming years, which is something that could transform the call centre environment.

Integrating Messenger into Aspect’s Customer Experience Platform (CXP) is a logical step for the firm, and it should allow another option for omnichannel strategies. As part of the process, chatbots will engage with consumers, match queries to the right answer and reroute customers to agents when further assistance is required.

Aspect Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Strategy Officer Joe Gagnon said: “Intelligent, automated messaging has the potential to create highly engaging and interactive conversations for consumers, and chatbots offer the promise for timely and intuitive consumer engagement. But brand interaction in isolation from the customer service ecosystem, regardless of the medium or application, puts businesses at risk of falling into the same customer service failures of the past.”

He added that Facebook has 900 million active users, which means the latest step into Messenger could bring about large changes to the modern call centre.

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